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What Is The Difference Between a Pressure Control Valve And a Flow Control Valve?

Feb. 14, 2023


What are flow control valves?

The flow control valves are used for controlling and adjusting the fluid or gas flow through the system.

Flow Control Valve


The flow control valve (FCV) is exactly the same except it gets its signals from a flow transmitter (FT). Just like the PT, an FT is basically a flow meter that is able to communicate with a related valve. Again, like the PCV, the FCV opens or closes based on the required flow and the signals it receives from the FT.


What are pressure control valves?


The pressure control valve is used to regulate the pressure of a fluid passing through the pipe.


The difference is exactly how it sounds. A pressure control valve (PCV) opens and closes based on the setpoint predetermined by an engineer. This is usually controlled using a pressure transmitter (PT). The PT is basically an electronic pressure gauge that sends signals to the PCV and tells it whether or not there is enough pressure entering the equipment and the PCV opens or closes to compensate.


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Difference Between Pressure and Flow


Pressure and flow are two terms often used when dealing with fluid; that is liquids or gasses. These two properties are characteristics of the state of the fluid. Both fluid pressure and flow are point properties.


• Pressure is the force acting per unit area; it is a scalar point property of fluids.


• Flow is the rate at which fluid passes through a given surface and flow is caused by the difference in pressure within a fluid.


The Conclusion


Ultimately, pressure and flow are not independent characteristics of fluid transport. You can't change one without changing the other. But what you can do is monitor and control one, subjugating the other to follow. Pressure and flow control valves can look almost indistinguishable sometimes, except for the sensing mechanism, which is monitoring the variable you need in controlling.

A pressure control valve opens and closes depending on the setpoint foreordained by a specialist. This is normally controlled utilizing a pressure transmitter. The flow control valve is actually the equivalent with the exception of it getting its signs from a flow transmitter. Much the same as the pressure transmitter, a flow transmitter is essentially a flow meter that can interact with a related valve.


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