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Globe Valve Supplier

CNM VALVE is a leading globe valve supplier. Our products are primarily used to stop, start and regulate fluid flow in pipelines.

Application of Globe Valve:

Globe valves are used in every industry where throttling or regulation of flow is required. This includes oil and gas, petroleum, petrochemical, pulp and paper, marine, power generation, machinery construction and industrial gases.


Why choose a globe valve?

1.Good throttling ability

2.Can be closed and open valve

3.More variants in body design, disc and bonnet accessory styles

4.Can be a check valve

CNM VALVE as professional globe valve supplier supply various types of globe valves, such as cast steel, stainless steel. Our globe valve designing and manufacturing standards are API, JIS/JPI. 

If you have any questions about our globe valve products and their capabilities, please contact CNM VALVE today!

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