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JIS/KS Stainless Steel Gate Valve
JIS/KS Stainless Steel Gate Valve

JIS/KS Stainless Steel Gate Valve


Design: JIS B2083,B2073

Face to Face: JIS B2002

RF Flange Standard: JIS B2220

Testing Standard: JIS B2003.

NoPart nameMaterialNoPart nameMaterial
1BodySCS1310Gland flangeSCS13
3StemASTM A182 F30412Eye boltASTM A193 B8
4Gasket304+Flexible Graphite13NutASTM A194 8
5Bonnet boltASTM A193 B814Stem nutASTM A439 D2
6NutASTM A194 815Clamp nutSUS304
7BonnetSCS1316HandwheelASTM A47 32510
8PackingFlexible Graphite+Braided Graphite packing17Lock nutSUS304
9GlandASTM A276 30418ScrewASTM A193 B8

19Oil cupSUS304


Find here details of gate valve 10k. All the product with super quality and competitive price. CNM VALVE is a leader in the industry and we will not disappoint you.

Features of Gate Valve 10k:

1. Soft seal, gate plastic bag, corrosion resistance;

2. Not easy to break, long service life;

3. Suitable for fluid pipelines such as tap water, sewage, construction, electricity, medicine, metallurgy, textile, energy systems, etc.

4. The fluid resistance is small, the medium flowing through the gate valve does not change the flow direction, so the fluid resistance is small. The company is located at:

5. The opening and closing torque is small, and the opening and closing is more labor-saving, because the opening and closing flow of the gate valve and the flow direction of the medium are perpendicular to the valve. Compared with the globe valve, the opening and closing of the gate valve is more labor-saving.

6. The flow direction of the medium is not limited, no spoiler, no decompression, the medium can flow from any side of the gate valve to any direction

7. The length of the structure is short, because the gate of the gate valve is placed vertically in the valve body, and the globe valve disc is placed horizontally in the valve body, so the structure length is shorter than that of the globe valve. 

8. The sealing performance is good, and the sealing surface is less eroded when fully opened.

9. Fully open, the sealing surface is less eroded by the working medium than the globe valve. The company is located at:

10. The shape is simple, the casting process is better, and the application range is wide.

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Gate Valve 10k Specification

Type Flange Connection
SizeFrom DN50A to DN600A
Pressure range10K
Body materialStainless Steel/SCS13

Structure of Gate Valve 10k:

Gate Valve 10k structure

Dimension of Gate Valve 10k:

10K Dimension  -   Unit: mm

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