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Gate Valve Manufacturer in China

CNM VALVE is a trusted industrial gate valve manufacturer in China, who delivers gate valves in various materials, such as Cast Steel, Stainless Steel,Cast Iron. using top-quality materials, advanced manufacturing techniques, and rigorous quality control processes, we can produce gate valves that are durable, reliable, and long-lasting. Gate valves are mainly employed for the purpose of starting or stopping flow, particularly when straight-line flow and minimal flow restriction are necessary. During operation, these valves are usually in the fully open or fully closed position. If you are looking for a China gate valve manufacturer , you are at the right place! 

How does a gate valve work?

A gate valve is a type of valve that uses a gate or wedge-shaped disk to control the flow of a fluid. The disk is located in the valve body and moves up and down to regulate the flow of the fluid. When the gate is fully raised, the fluid can flow through the valve with minimal resistance. When the gate is fully lowered, the fluid flow is blocked completely.

The gate is usually connected to a threaded stem that is rotated by a handle or a gearbox to move the gate up or down. When the handle is turned, the stem moves, and the gate either opens or closes. The movement of the gate is perpendicular to the direction of the fluid flow, which makes the gate valve suitable for applications where a straight-line flow is required.

Industries Gate Valve Application

Oil and Gas: Gate valves are widely used in the oil and gas industry for applications such as pipeline isolation, gas processing, and crude oil refining.

Water and Wastewater Treatment: Gate valves are used in water and wastewater treatment plants for flow control and isolation applications.

Chemical and Petrochemical: Gate valves are used in the chemical and petrochemical industry for applications such as processing, storage, and transport of chemicals and petrochemicals.

Power Generation: Gate valves are used in power generation plants for applications such as steam isolation, cooling water control, and turbine control.

HVAC and Plumbing: Gate valves are used in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems and plumbing applications for flow control and isolation.

Mining: Gate valves are used in mining operations for applications such as slurry transport, water management, and chemical processing.

Food and Beverage: Gate valves are used in the food and beverage industry for applications such as product isolation, processing, and transfer.


  • Available materials: Cast Steel, Stainless Steel, Ductile Iron, Cast Iron, CF8, CF8M, SCS13

  • Design: JIS B2083, B2073, API 600, ect

  • Size: 2" to 64" 

  • Class: 150 to 2500

  • Nominal Pressure: 125LBS to 300LBS, 10K to 20K

  • Operations: Hand Wheel, Gear operated, Electric actuated and Pneumatic Actuated

  • Ends: Flanged (FF, RF, RTJ)


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