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WUHU CNM VALVE INDUSTRY CO., LTD - Not only Professional  Butterfly Valve manufacturer and supplier in China, but also a Butterfly Valve factory.

Butterfly valve is a kind of regulating valve with simple structure, which can be used for on-off control of low-pressure pipeline medium.

Application of Butterfly Valve:

Butterfly valves are present in almost all industries that need flow control. These could be the following:

1. Irrigation

2. Petroleum Industries

3. Compressed Air Services

4. Agricultural Industries

5. Cooling and Circulating Water

6. Corrosive Applications

7. Fire Protection

8. Slurry

Butterfly Valve Structure:

Butterfly valve is mainly composed of valve body, valve stem, butterfly plate and sealing ring. The valve body is cylindrical, with a short axial length and a built-in butterfly plate.

Advantage of Butterfly Valves:

The butterfly valve has a simple structure, small size and light weight, and is composed of several parts. And it can be turned on and off quickly by rotating 90°, and the operation is simple. At the same time, the valve has good fluid control characteristics. When the butterfly valve is in the fully open position, the thickness of the butterfly plate is the only resistance when the medium flows through the valve body, so the pressure drop generated by the valve is very small, so it has better flow control characteristics.

In addition to these common advantages, our butterfly valves also have price advantages because we are the most professional butterfly valve supplier and manufacturer in China.


Types of Butterfly Valves:

According to the connection method:

1. Wafer type butterfly valve:

The disc of the wafer butterfly valve is installed in the diameter direction of the pipeline. The valve is fully open.

The wafer butterfly valve has a simple structure, small size and light weight. Butterfly valve has two types of sealing: elastic seal and metal seal. Elastic sealing valve, the sealing ring can be inlaid on the valve body or attached to the periphery of the disc.

2. Flanged butterfly valve:

The flanged butterfly valve is a vertical plate structure, and the valve stem is the sealing ring of the integral metal hard sealing valve.

It is a composite structure of flexible graphite plate and stainless steel plate, installed on the valve body, and the sealing surface of the butterfly plate is surfacing stainless steel. The sealing ring of the soft sealing valve is made of nitrile rubber and is installed on the butterfly plate.

3. Lug butterfly valve:

The lug butterfly valve has the function of reducing the pressure rating.

4. Welded butterfly valve:

Welded butterfly valve is a kind of non-sealed butterfly valve, which is widely used in pipelines with medium temperature ≤300℃ and nominal pressure of 0.1Mpa in the production process of building materials, metallurgy, mining, electric power, etc., to connect, open and close or adjust the amount of medium.

According to the Material:

  1. Metal Butterfly Valve

   2. PVC Butterfly Valve

CNM VALVE mainly provide Ductile iron, Cast Steel, Stainless Steel, Cast iron, Carbon Steel Butterfly Valve and we are a professional butterfly valve supplier.

According to the driving method of butterfly valve:

(1) Electric butterfly valve

(2) Pneumatic butterfly valve

(3) Hydraulic butterfly valve

(4) Manual butterfly valve

According to the structure form:

This classification is based on the position of the stem, disc, and seat surface angles.

(1) Center sealing butterfly valve

(2) Single eccentric sealing butterfly valve

(3) Double eccentric sealing butterfly valve

(4) Triple eccentric sealing butterfly valve

According to the sealing surface material is divided into:

(1) Soft sealing butterfly valve.

1) The sealing pair is composed of non-metallic soft material to non-metallic soft material.

2) The sealing pair is composed of metal hard material and non-metal soft material.

(2) Metal hard sealing butterfly valve. The sealing pair is composed of metal hard material to metal hard material.

Installation and maintenance:

1. During installation, the valve disc should stop in the closed position.

2. The opening position should be determined according to the rotation angle of the butterfly plate.

3. For butterfly valves with bypass valves, the bypass valve should be opened before opening.

4. It should be installed according to the manufacturer's installation instructions. For butterfly valves with heavy weight, a firm foundation should be set up.

How to choose butterfly valve Correctly?

Butterfly valve selection may seem like a selection activity, but there are several technical specifications to consider. 

1. The first involves understanding the desired flow medium:

Corrosive fluid services require valves made of stainless steel, nichrome, or other corrosion-resistant materials.

2. Users need to consider the capacity, pressure and temperature changes of the piping system and the level of automation required. While actuated butterfly valves provide precise flow control, they are more expensive than their manually operated counterparts. Butterfly valves are not controllable and do not provide a full port.

If you don't know how to choose a butterfly valve, please contact us, we will give you the most professional guidance.

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